3. Shebeen

Shebeen Intro


Shebeen – Live

Listen to that music roar, that thumpin’ rhythm is out the door.

I listen as I sink into this stupor with one more drink.

Cause I don’t want to know just where my life is going to go.

I got family back home, a wife and kids and they’re probably alone.

But I do all that I can to pay the bills then I’m gone again.

This is my only peace, don’t blame me for my one release.

Just give me one more drink, just one more drink,

Have you ever tried to think when life is o’er the brink?

You think I want it this way, you’ve got a lot to say,

I dare you to stay in my shoes for just a day.

Just leave me alone, just leave me alone,

Just let me go, and find peace for my soul.

I just want to forget my troubles in it,

Don’t you stand in my way, I’ll be back the next day – and it’ll be alright.


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