5. The Museum

Museum Intro

Song: The Museum

The Museum – Live

Well you came in and stole my country

Stole it then left me dry

Now all you do is use me

And I just wonder why

And I don’t know just a-where I’m-a gonna sleep tonight

I’m telling you, I think all this is silly

Cuz I’m a person too

But you won’t agree with me

You class me number two

I’m your slave, I work then you send me away

Well I, I work down in the mines now

But they don’t pay me none

Only some moldy bread now

No more than half a crumb

But who’s to say that they’re not right in all they do

Cuz it’s they who carry the gun, not sticks like me and you

One time I, I tried to get my land back

But they won’t move aside

They said, man, don’t be silly

This world was made for whites

And you’re just here to serve the likes of me

So you can clean my clothes wash my shoes and then sleep under a tree

I’m telling you you’re wrong

And it’s a good thing this is behind us

In a museum – or is it?


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