8. Ol’ St. Patrick

Story for Ol St. Patrick

Ol St. Patrick

Ol St. Patrick – Live

Young St. Patrick’s 23 today

He left his home, he was stolen away.

The pirates came, threw him in the boat,

Off to distant shores and that’s where he’ll stay.

Six years as a slave with a foreign lord,

It drove him to his knees, not to the sword.

He found God and home in that foreign land,

Then found a ship going back, and he got on board.

He thought that he was free, thought his lesson done,

But we all know the story, and it’s just begun.

Cuz right when he got back, before he’d settled in,

He’s followed by a dream, and it’s a heavy one.

He saw the faces of those he had left behind

And heard their voices all ask in time.

They said, “Please don’t go, don’t leave us here to die

We need you here with us.” Oh piercing sign!

Then came voice on voice, haunting, filling me

They will not let me go, they will not let me be.

One says, “We need you more than you them,

Why turn away when here you see the need?”

But I, I will listen for Your voice that’s calling through this storm.

I will not be deceived by their “here He is,” or “there He is”

I will go where You call me, Lord

Over mountain plain or sea

I will go where You call me Lord

Wherever You have need of me

I have no home here in this world, Lord

No foxes hole, nor sparrow’s tree

My home is where You choose to call me, Lord

My home’s wherever You’re with me.

Old St. Patrick’s 93 today

He’s left his home, he’s living far away.

God called him back to the land of his slavery,

And that’s where he went, and that’s where he’ll stay.

You know, I’ll be 93 some day,

Will I have a pension stored away?

Or like St. Patrick, will I choose for my home

Those Emerald shores of my Lord’s way?


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