9. Youth Girl

June 10, 2008

Song: Youth Girl

Wendy laughed at me when I played her this song, she doesn’t even really know what it means, I think she said it’s in Soto.

I think this is who is singing it below, sorry guys, I don’t know her name.


10. Mom

June 10, 2008

Story for Mom


Mom – Live

Well I come home late from school

Mom says get on up you fool

There’s more work left to do

Well I turn fourteen tomorrow

But she’s been at the bottle

The secret of my sorrow

She says if you want to eat

Then get on out in the street

It’s time to hit that beat

Well, I’ve got a little brother

And he ain’t got no other

We’ve got one hell of a mother

Don’t worry, It’s not all the time

Some would hardly call it a crime

To spend a night with a man for a dime

But when mom gets in her mood

And us kids ain’t got no food

She tells me do it for their good

I go to church with my friends

Learn about Jesus and then

It’s back home again

You know, it wasn’t always this bad

Back when we had a dad

But those times are long since dead

I don’t think about it too much

It doesn’t seem like a big stretch

I thought everyone liked that touch

But my friends got me afraid

What if I got pregnant in that bed

Go ask the pastor and see what he says

And he said, “You must stop this somehow”

I said “if I do, then what now?

We’ve got to eat so where and how?”

And when mom finds out what will she say?

We’ll probably have to run away

We’ll be on our own from that day

Tell me, just what would you do?

If the situation were you

Where do I go and to who?

Because now, I’m at the end of my rope

It’s getting hard to see any hope

I’m crying out for grace to cope.

11. Mighty Joe-Allen

June 10, 2008

Joe\’s Story

Mighty Joe-Allen (by the way, this tune is from Sufyan Stevens)

Mighty Joe-Allen – Live

Kicking and screaming, as they drag him out the door.

He tried his best to run away, but only saved two hours more.

They burst in early morning, with their black coats and their documentation.

You can’t fight with their papers, no matter what the situation.

You see he lost his mother, way down in the Capetown.

They took him to his aunt to live, who then drank and beat him down.

Then they dropped him off on our front porch, to find a home with mom Wendy,

They loved him as their own son, even though it was only for six weeks.

Joe if you’re out there, we love you so.

Joe if you’re out there, we love you so.

I was here when they dropped him off that day, on that Tuesday afternoon.

Standing with his bag in hand, he was as shy as a raccoon.

But I shared with him a muffin, and from then our hearts were one.

You see he was my camera man, and at the zoo we had such fun.

It was here he learned what it means to love, and to be in a family

He found a sister in Anasisa, and even played with young Phoebe.

Just after six weeks with us, he was truly a new kid.

Would you take all that away from him, just for your system and social grid?

Joe if you’re out there, we love you so.

Joe if you’re out there, we love you so, we love you so, – please stay strong

Joe if you can hear me, fight the hate, fight the hate, – and remember love

Joe if you’re out there, we love you so, we love you so, we love you so.

12. Singing Alleluia

June 10, 2008

Song: Singing Allelulia

“Uyinkosi yamakhosi, Unigumdali walo Mhlaba,

Zonkizizwe zibabaza ubukhulu bakho.”

You are King of Kings, Creator of the earth,

All the nations praise Your greatness!

13. The Two

June 10, 2008

Story of the Two

The Two

The Two – Live

So let me tell you the story about these two girls and their home

You see their dear mother was dying of aids, but she wanted to keep them safe

So she left the hospital to get them set up on their own

She fought to give them hope, she fought and fought, but couldn’t beat the grave.

So here they are, these two girls, they’re only four and eight alone

They went to their grandma’s, but she was a drunk, she wouldn’t let them go to school

They cooked and cleaned for her til she died, then off to their great grand-mother

Did I say great, cuz I meant crooked, this great-grandma acted so cruel.

Singing Oh, What’s happening in this world?

What’s happening with the poor?

Does anyone even care anymore?

Singing Oh, What will you say?

Will turn the other way?

As their lives get stolen away

-Will you hear them?

But don’t you worry, cuz that great-grandma, well she soon died also

Then the next stop after the funeral, they wouldn’t let them move next door

Though they had neighbors that would love them, here comes the great-aunt to take the 2

It was the same story, only now with an uncle, who not only beat but abused them too

For three years this went on, these two girls so innocent and pure

No matter how hard we fought, we couldn’t take the girls from her

Cuz this great aunt, she had the rights, the government said that she was the one

So that meant she could treat them as slaves, this great aunt she had such fun.

Then in walks a hero, shining white, driving a purple car you know

Just like the mother, she fights and fights, until the government it knows

Just what is happening to these poor girls, she will not let them off the hook

Until they get those girls away from that aunt, that great family of crooks.

Then after scrapes and bruises,

And after fighting through the dark,

And after screaming into deaf ears.

-They hear her

Oh, it’s happening in this world

God is coming to the poor

He’s showing us how to care more.

Oh, What will you say?

Will you turn and walk away?

Or will you learn from Him to pray

-Will you hear Him?

14. I Love You, Holy Spirit

June 10, 2008

Song: African Worship Medley

“Ngiyakuthanda, Moya Oyingcwele, Oyingcwele, Oyingcwele

I Love You, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit.

15. The First and the Last

June 10, 2008

Intro – First and Last

The First and the Last

The First and the Last – Live

‘Been thinking about the end,

When the skies are torn away,

And how it’s gonna end

And how it’s gonna stay

In a world that’s full of life,

And also full of death.

I try to speak up for the right,

But it seems I waste my breath.

But I am waiting for You to show Your face

To come and act in power, and uphold my case.

Lord, You’ve promised in Your Word

That all will end in peace.

That You’ll take this broken world

And You’ll mend it piece by piece.

Lord give me patience in the fight

I know it’ll be awhile

But as I struggle through the night

I know You’ll take me through this trial

And I’ll keep waiting for You, because You’ve shown Your face

You have come in power, and now You plead my case.

You came and You showed us what it means to fight

You came and said the last shall be first

You came and You didn’t have to stand in front

You came and You taught us how to serve.

Though I don’t have the answers,

Though it looks like You’ve turned Your back

And I’m waiting in this silence,

-You come down low, You come to the. . .

. . .The poor and broken, these are those who dwell with You

You make Your home with the destitute and frail.

We will find You dying for the little ones

You show us victory comes through wood and nail.

And I am waiting for You to come again

To show this world just how You’ve been with us all along.

16. My Jesus is coming!

June 10, 2008

Song: My Jesus is Coming

“Uyeza uJesu wami”

My Jesus is coming!

17. Hlonolofatsa

June 10, 2008

Song: Hlonolofatsa

“Hlonolofatsa kalibitso lantate”

Be blessed in the Name of the Father!

18. Homecoming

June 10, 2008

Song: Homecoming

Standing away in the corner watching their faces glow

They keep on coming out that door, see their families, and then they go

Running out with outstretched arms, they kiss and hug so tight

Nothing can take away that joy, homecoming is so bright

But I’m still waiting,

But waiting for so long,

Is she coming. . .is she coming home?

She left home to find the big life, running to the city

I dropped her off at this here airport, so innocent and so pretty

But will she come back the same person, still loving the birds and the green grass

Or has she forgotten all about us, moved on and let us pass

Yes, I’m still waiting,

I’ll wait here just as long,

I know she’ll be coming. . .coming back home

Everyone’s gone home, I’m the only one left at this here gate

Hoping past all hope that she’s still coming and she’s just late

The janitor says “buddy, move along” but I’m not moving, I’ve fixed my fate

I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll be standing, and here I’ll wait

Then she comes running,

That same smile as when she’d gone,

She says thanks for waiting. . .it’s time I came back home